Architecture / Interior Design

Do you have a new project in mind?

The beauty hates the rules. The only rule of art is not to have rules to give life to beauty

Serge Lutens


Architectural Design

We take care of every architectural aspect: from preliminary study and measurements to the execution planning and construction.

Interior Design

Our Core Business: floor plans, choice of materials and textures, selection of furnitures, always in agreement with our clients.

Work supervision

We are also concerning ourselves with work supervision by coordinating all the jobs in a professional manner in order to achieve higher qualification in every project.


We support our clients right from the initial stages of the decision-making process through feasibility studies, estimate and architectural consultancy in the field of architecture and interior decoration.


We develop communication campaigns which reflect the interior design of each
location so that clients can have an harmonized perception of marketing and

Product Design

We design every single product in the project exclusively for our clients so that
every object is unique and Made in Italy.


National and international reviews talk about us

Our Values

A timeless style characterizes all our projects

The personal relationship in complete transparency with our customers is the basis of each assignment

Time is professionally run and customers are constantly updated on the various phases of the project

Attention to the environment and the products used is one of our priorities

The confidentiality of the projects and of our clients is guaranteed with agreements

Be amazed

We do Interior Design since 1991, every day for us is a new project.

Retail Shop
Hotel Restaurant & Bar
Items designed


Concept and Founder: Claudia Pelizzari
Managing Director: David Morini
Project Manager: Anna Guindani, Giovanni Platto
Interior and Product Designers: Alessia Sarain, Valeria Biondi, Lavinia Porrello
Structural Engineering: Gianmarco Pinchetti (Spago)
Security Manager: Paolo Filippini
Textile Consultant: Cristina Selleri
Joinery Provider: Roberto Raccagni
Upholsterer Expert: Massimo & Carlo Fumagalli
Lighting Designer: Rocco Este
Blacksmith Development: Gianfausto Peroni
Photographer: Giorgio Baroni, Mattia Aquila
Sound System: Francesco Martegani Situ Ent.
Cinematography: Matteo Bertoli
Art Genius: Filippo Minelli, Hugh Findlater
Accountant: Miriam Zani, Roberto Segreto
Legal Consultant: Andrea Ferrandi
Insurance Advisor: Luca Brignani
Hair Stylist: Alessandro Hair Studio
Masters of Cerimonies: Gianluca Lupi towant.eu
Fine Italian Food: Nineteen, Mon Petit Bistrot
Drink Provider: Ramon R&Z
Location: Palazzo Fè d’Ostiani – Materossi
Fresco Artist: Marco Marcola
The Italian Job: Giulio Tregambe
Soundtrack: John Sa Trinxa
Cleaning & Order: Benito
Parking: Franchino & Golia
Mascotte: Greige

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